Unique Aerodynamic shape, which can withstand cyclone, big space inside starts with area of 350SqFt to 1600SqFt

Easy installation, Fire retardant, UV resistant -no need of painting, no termites, no rust, less risk of structural damage

Importance of Eco Friendly Materials:

  1. Less grey impact on environment.
  2. Save time - fast construction can be constructed in 25 ti 30 days.
  3. Best part is you can shift it from one place to another even after 2-3 years and almost 60-70% material gets reused.
  4. Dry construction - less leakages.
  5. Protect your health - Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, for example, are known carcinogens, irritants or toxicants that are present in many paints, plastics, building materials and indoor products.
  6. Be innovative in your designs.
  7. We offer customized designs to suit your budget and style.


  1. The most important aspect after Sanitary norms and hygiene.
  2. We at Grassroots help you build structures like wooden chalets, prefab cottages, bamboo huts, ferocement homes in any shape, and villas which will go hand in hand with nature.
  3. In our unique designs we use different materials like fribro cottages and high quality PVC based tents which provide great looks and comfort & which are best suitable for the project.
  4. Forget typical shapes and sizes: We can make customized designs as per your available space and requirement.
  5. Compare the advantages and disadvantages against the quality n budget.
  6. Select quality material to avoid headache after 1-2 years.
  7. Remember spacious and airy accommodation will satisfy your customer.