Wellness Resort- Master planning

we specialize in designing of resonating wellness spa resorts. We give all the services under one umbrella right from concepts, master planning, architectural layouts to complete execution and marketing support.

The global wellness hospitality industry, worth almost $4.5 trillion, is evolving todovetail the concept of healing with everyday living. The COVID-19 crisis has ensuredthat we are well-versed with the need to focus on wellness. Not just a medical sort ofwellness, but a holistic one, focusing on nutrition, rest, rejuvenation, and centered oneveryday wellness.

Wellness, then, is a crucial segment that offers hoteliers immense opportunities to growin the After-COVID world. The GWI (Global Wellness Institute) projects that wellnesstourism will grow at an average annual rate of 7.5% through 2022, considerably fasterthan the 6.4% annual growth forecasted for overall global tourism.

Once the world opens, it is likely to be obsessively focused on wellness and safety. Insome sense, wellness will move from the realm of an additional hospitality service thathelps hotels earn revenues, to the center-stage.

Scope: India’s wellness potential

India’s ancient wellness traditions have received interest from the domestic andinternational markets.

Despite India’s first mover’s advantage, the country is yet to realize the potential of thissegment despite being a true-blue spiritual home of modern wellness movement.

Consider its ancient practices of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathy,panchakarma and holistic health, therapies that travelers will seek out.

Alternative wellness therapies are offered to help guests reset their lives. Holidays willincreasingly become a means of renewing yourself, reworking your lifestyle,understanding and picking up new food and nutrition ideas. You will be addressingeveryday issues.

As per one survey 25% of the global tourists who visit India look for wellness & Spa.

A foreign visitor spends 20% of its tour budget on wellness & spa, and this may increaseto 30% in next 2 years which is an encouraging sign.